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UKGC license is one of the most respected gambling licenses in the industry, but are there any UKGC casinos not on Gamstop? Unfortunately the answer to this is a definite no, you will not find one single UKGC casino that does not come with Gamstop self-exclusion program. At some point it was possible to find non Gamstop casinos with UKGC licensing, however this ended in March 2020 when the UK Gambling Commission made it compulsory for all UK casinos to be part of Gamstop or face losing their license. This is how we can 100% guarantee that there are no UK Gambling Commission casinos not part of Gamstop.

Best UKGC License Alternatives For Gamstop Users:

  1. Gamblii Casino
  2. Mystake Casino
  3. Slot Hive Casino
  4. Hustles Casino
  5. Rolletto Casino
  6. GodOdds Casino
  7. Jinx Casino
  8. Patrick Spins Casino
  9. Slots Shine Casino
  10. Raptor Wins Casino
UKGC Casinos Not Part Of Gamstop

List Of UKGC Licensed Casino Alternatives 2022

How To Find Trustworthy UKGC Casinos Not Using Gamstop

When looking for reputable non Gamstop UK sites to place bets at, people get scared because of the association with scams. Yes it is most certainly true that there are plenty of scam non Gamstop gambling sites out there. However this does not mean that all online casinos without Gamstop UK are scam casinos. Most of these casinos are fully licensed and regulated in countries elsewhere than the UK. However when looking for a safe and secure mobile casino not part of Gamstop UK, there are a few basic rules to follow to keep you safe. Lets take a look at what to watch out for.

Licensing And Regulators

Whist we have already discussed that it is literally impossible to find UK Gambling Commission casinos not on Gamstop, this does not mean that we cannot find new licensed casinos without Gamstop UK. There are plenty of fully licensed and regulated casinos that do not use Gamstop software. This is because these casinos are not based within the UK so do not follow the same rules and regulations.

We can find both licensed and unlicensed casinos when it comes to offshore gambling venues. Whilst all unregulated casino are not bad, most of them are, this is why we would choose to avoid all of them. Instead you are best sticking to casinos licensed by Curacao eGaming license. Just by playing at a licensed casino you have already got that bit more security than a non licensed site. An example of such a site would be Rolletto online casino. You could also check out Malta casinos not on Gamstop, which are extremely rare and hard to find.

In-House Self-Exclusion System

Many have chose to look for casinos not using Gamstop as a way around self-exclusion restrictions. Others have chose to look because they were illegally added to Gamstop and are having their details illegally kept by Gamstop. There are also many other reasons why people opt to play at offshore online casinos. However, whatever your reasons are you should still only choose to play at online casinos that have their own self-exclusion system.

Due to the fact that self-exclusion tools like Gamstop, Gamban, BetBlocker and others will not worth at non UKGC regulated casinos, it is important to make sure you can exclude somehow if you choose you need to stop gambling. This is why we only review and recommend online casinos that come with their own self-exclusion program.

Cash-Out Time / Limits / Options

Always fully research any online casino to see if they have complaints about non-payments. Non payments are common in all online casinos, even UKGC regulated casinos. Most complaints of non payments are due to bonus abuse and using false details, the player then gets upset and leaves negative reviews about the casino in question. However if many people are suggesting they do not get paid, it is a big sign of a scam casino.

Cash-out limits can sometimes be unfair and made note of. Some online casinos will let you deposit 100k plus and then tell you withdrawal limits are 5000 a month. These places are best avoided like the plague, they don’t mind taking your money but issues arise when it comes to paying back.

Withdrawal options should be firmly noted, some online casino will let you deposit via one method but then only be willing to pay out in cryptos. Again these places should be avoided, these are also the kind of casinos that never make it onto our list of reputable online casinos not on Gamstop.

Pros Of UKGC Casinos Not Blocked By Gamstop

Benefits Of UKGC Casinos Not On Gamstop

✅ Most Trusted Gambling Regulator: There is no real dispute about it the UKGC is the strictest and most trusted gambling license. If it were possible to find UKGC casinos not on Gamstop then this would be the perfect option when gambling. Unfortunately for now it quite simply is not possible to play at any UKGC regulated casinos that do not have Gamstop software. Maybe this will change in the future, but highly unlikely.

✅ KYC On Withdrawals Only: One thing that is becoming increasingly irritating at UK casinos is KYC measures. At non Gamstop casinos this is not an issue, there is no need to fill out forms and verify ID just for signup. The only time you will be asked for very basic KYC documents is upon your first withdrawal, this is usually just government issued photographic ID.

✅ Better Deposit Options: Casinos not using Gamstop do come with some missing payment options, however they come with more options. This is because of the fact that at offshore online casinos gambling with your credit card is still an option. Not only can British people use their credit cards to gamble, they can also use a variety of cryptocurrencies which come with an array of benefits.

Cons Of UKGC Sites Not On Gamstop UK

Cons Of UKGC Casinos Not Part Of Gamstop

❌ Not Possible To Find: At this moment in time it is not possible to find any UKGC sites that are not using Gamstop software. This is down to the UKGC making Gamstop mandatory for all UKGC license holders. There may be some chance that in the future that things will change due to all the issues there are with Gamstop, but any change remains to be seen.

❌ Bad For Gambling Addicts: All casinos that come without Gamstop self-exclusion scheme are bad for gambling addicts. It does not matter if they are Malta casinos not on Gamstop, Curacao licensed, non licensed, UKGC licensed, they are all not for problem gamblers. If you are a problem gambler use our list of gambling sites not on Gamstop to self-exclude to remove any temptations you may have.

❌ No Limits Betting: No limits betting can be good for those who can afford it and control what they spend, however highly dangerous for those who cannot. Near enough all Netent casinos without Gamstop self-exclusion scheme have no limits betting of seriously high limits. It is one of the reasons that they attract so many people.

Leading Non Gamstop Casinos For British Players

Non Gamstop online casinos that accept British players are easy to come by these days, especially ones based overseas. However finding a reputable one can be a daunting task, this is why we recommend playing at casinos that have stood the test of time. When it comes to reputable casinos free of Gamstop restrictions there are two main casinos that spring to mind and they are as follows.

Mystake Casino Non UKGC Regulated

Mystake is a sports betting site / online casino with plenty going on. This site would easily compare to big brand casinos in the UK. In fact we’d go as far to say it is better than any UK online casino at the moment. This is due to the fact that not only does Mystake have all you would expect to find at a UK casino, it has more. For instance the ability to bet using crypto currencies and using your credit card. On top of this you can find Evolution Gaming live games free of Gamstop restrictions.

Rolletto Casino Not Based In UK

Rolletto is another huge online casino that houses just about any betting option that you could think of. Here we have options to bet on eSports, live sports betting, bingo, keno, poker, roulette, slot machines and so much more. The slots library alone has 6700 slots to choose from and counting. Rolletto also has one of the biggest bonuses when it comes to offshore casinos, the main bonus being anything up to £6000 in bonus cash, certainly worth taking advantage of.

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